Hisense 55 Inch Frameless android TV (A72KEN)

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Key Features
  • Android TV
  • UHD 4K
  • Dolby Vision HDR
  • DTS Virtual-X
  • HDMI 
  • USB
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Digital Audio Output(Optical)
  • Any view Cast

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Product Details

Hisense Tv is the leading TV in Africa for people who want to enjoy the latest in TV technology. It is guaranteed to amaze anyone and everyone who sits in front of a Hisense screen. What's more, is the guarantees one-year warranty on its products.

Order any of our Hisense products and we will deliver it anywhere in Kenya within 48 hours and 24 hours in Nairobi and its enviros, for those in CBD we will get your products to you in minutes. What you waiting for make an order now!


The Hisense A72KEN Series are made frameless with a sleek bezel design to fit your living room expectation.

Frameless Tv ensures that you get to watch border to borderline screen, with no frame your eyes are not averted from the TV.

Also lacking a frame means that this Hisense TV provides more space for the screen without the need to increase the size of the TV to accommodate the frame.

Having a frameless TV means it is not a visible obstruction where it’s placed Infront of you, it sorts of camouflages with the background avoiding obstruction.

With no frame that means the extra weight is off from the Tv, this makes your TV Lightweight, and get to move it easier around your home, this also makes it easy to mount on walls.

Frameless screens improve the viewing of high-quality videos and gaming by getting rid of distractions created by regular frames that at times cast shadows around the edge.

UHD TV built-in Receiver

With 4k you get to see every detail in stunning 4K HDR with their new Hisense series that come Exclusive on Hisense. By offering you 4 times the number of pixels that you always get in Full HD, readily boosted with HDR technology supporting HDR 10 and 4K formats to stream your favorite shows and videos be it on YouTube or any other platform you want.

The Hisense 4K resolution means you not only enjoy clear pictures, but also means you get vivid local 4K playback, 4K content streaming, and UHD upscale, with the wide size of the Tv your living room is changed forever for the better.



The quad-core processor with also four times the technology input will move picture processing to another level; it makes blacks darker while the whites are brighter for you to enjoy and enhances contrast automatically so you can enjoy your favorite programs in stunning realism.



No need for a woofer or soundbar to enjoy content on your TV, this is due to this Hisense Tv series sound being perfected with DTS Studio Sound; the best version of sound for TV.  Volume Levelling Bass Enhancement, Speaker EQ, and Dialogue Enhancement technology work hand-in-hand to give you the best audio experience for you to enjoy while watching your TV.


Remote Now

Remote now is a way that lets you get connected with your phone with the VIDAA 3.0 Smart TV platform. It makes your access to your favorite entertainment fast and easy whether Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, or Shahid TV. Now you get to access all this simply by one touch thro’ the use of your new and improved Remote Now app. Available in Play Store; you get to take control of your TV with your own mobile phone. Using the Remote NOW mobile app, searching for what to see or watch just got better and faster.

With remote now get to enjoy these amazing shortcuts,

 Turn the TV on and off

Share to TV

Just by a touch on your smart device working as a trackpad, you get to control your TV

Besides, you get to browse shows, animations, and movie trailers without blacking out the TV screen


Precision Colour

Hisense 4K TV is the best when it comes to precision color, with the ability to create a vast array of different and unique color shades boosted with a 10-bit color depth, this delivers extensive color depth information of the panel. Discover the true beauty of nature’s beauty with the clear, vivid, and yet more realistic expressions of the true color.


MEMC-Smooth Experience

With the new technologies coming up, Hisense is also going forward with the new incoming MEMC technology which is adapted to analyze and estimate the moving curve of images.


With Bluetooth connectivity, you get to connected your devices and pair them up, from smartphones to soundbars and sound systems.

Easy pairing even behind walls.


Shahid VIP Membership Subscription

Hisense UHD series offers you a 6-month free Shahid membership subscription for every new user. Get entertained with all content from the shahid app without you paying any extra charges, you will get to enjoy all content from your favorite Shahid VIP app for free.

Bluetooth Wireless Audio

Enjoy your favorite movies, music, and photos by multiple convenient connections. For an audio experience that you desire, you can simply connect your TV to your headphones or speakers wirelessly via Bluetooth. What’s more, your TV speakers and the connected headphone can play sound at the same time, and the volumes can be adjusted separately.

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Hisense 55 Inch Android Frameless (A72KEN) TV

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