LG 50 inch smart NANO79 TV

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Key Features
  • 4K NanoCell Display
  • Quadcore Processor 4K
  • LG ThinQ AI
  • Active HDR
  • Ultra Surround
  • webOS Smart TV with Magic Remote

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Product Details

Dynamic Colour Enhancer

For the best color and picture quality, you have to trust LG TVs, with the new improved dynamic color enhancer feature. This advanced image processor adjusts the color presented on your screen to make you enjoy richer and more vibrant images all at your disposal.
Enjoy the beauty of rich HD nature's true colors on your TV screen as they appear in the real world.

How The LG AI TV Works

You have the power to command everything connected to your TV. With just a simple voice request the LG AI TV will do as you commanded and even go on to make suggestions based on your recent preference based on a movie, programs, or music genre.


Go further and ask the Google Assistant questions while you are still watching other content and you will be amazed to see your answers on the screen. The same applies to the Alexa command

With LG AI TV and the Alexa built-in, you get to expand your knowledge anytime you hear or see something new while watching, you can ask questions about what you are seeing or have heard and got an instant reply.

Go further and connect with your smart home devices, and together with the Google Assistant on LG AI TV, you will get the power to Adjust room temperature, lighting, or other connected devices just by saying a word without missing your favorite contents by standing up to do it your self.

The Real 4K TV for all your entertainment needs

With 4K you have 4 times the clarity of Full HD, LG UHD TV takes what you are used to enjoying in FHD and brings it out 4 times better and clear. Whether it's watching movies or sports, or playing games. Enjoy more realistic images on display just the way you deserve in four times the resolution of Full HD.

Quad-Core Processor, The Origin of Lifelike Images

Quad equals four and four is better than 2 for sure. With Four fast and accurate processors in its hardware, say goodbye to unnecessary ambient noise and create a more dynamic color and vivid contrast in its place even when dealing with Low-resolution images and videos, it will not be a bother neither will you have to strain your eyes anymore. This is because they are all up-scaled and reproduced as sharper, more vivid images.

Active HDR for Incredible Detail

With the active HDR, the TV will be automatically optimizing every scene that displays on your tv, delivering delicate detail that is already rich in color.

Virtual Surround Plus Fills the Space

Moving images come to life or paint more pictures with quality sound. You can experience this from LG TV which is rich in multi-dimensional that can be adjusted via remote control. The sound is elegant as it runs well with built-in speakers on your TV that can be adjusted for movie mode, gaming mode, live mode, music mode among others. All this is produced by LG just to boost your viewing experience with the sound coming from all multi directions.

Dolby Audio A Movie-like Sound Experience

Your TV can create the movie theater experience you so desire, whether it's movie night with family or friends. The Dolby Audio feature will let you experience clearer, more immersive theatre-quality sound. The best installed audio system for the tv to enjoy at home is the Dolby Audio system.

Live Smarter with web OS

The smart LG TV comes with its own sophisticated LG TV web OS. This unique web OS is what will enable you to easily enjoy your favorite Netflix movies, YouTube videos, iTV with a click of a button. The new design and display option for the smart tv and various innovative and colorful features deliver smarter looking and yet more attractive and simpler viewing experiences.

Choose, Connect, and Enjoy

By connecting your USB stick, Flash drive, or external hard drive to any USB slot, you can enjoy almost any content on your TV from movies videos, pictures, and music. Watching videos and viewing your favorite photos on a bigger screen and in higher resolution is now much better.

Simple yet Sophisticated Design

A thin bezel and stylish finish work black in color to blend in with any wall paint in the background.

Box Content

  • Television
  • TV Stand
  • User Manual
  • Charger
  • Remote