Vision Plus 32 Inch Digital TV

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Vision Tv is becoming the best selling tv in east and sub-Sahara Africa due to its pocket-friendly price and quality features. Here at is committed to bringing you Vision Tv latest TVs at the best price in the current market.

Get in touch with us and we will give you a discount on Vision products and deliver them right to your door step.

  • Screen 32”
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • HD 720p
  • DVB T2
  • DVB S2
  • Record to USB
  • True Color
  • HD TV
  • Multi-Language OS (Swahili language option)
  • LED Backlit

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Product Details

Screen 32” 

Aspect Ratio 16:9 

HD 720p



Record to USB

3 HDMI input

1 PC audio in/ earphones



AV RF features digital DVB‎T2 free to air

Power 100-240-50/60 Hz

1 Optical out port

Don't spend much while you can get up and to enjoy entertainment with Vision tv. Vision provides you with the easiest to use the TV for your house all in one digital TV.

Enjoy the most affordable digital TV in Kenya with an inbuilt decoder. Get to watch all your free to air channels and also get hooked up with your USB flash or memory stick to listening to music, watch videos or look at the pictures on your TV.

Quality Sound with dual speakers.


Get to enjoy a 32-inch widescreen that is complemented by an aspect ratio of 16:9.

This TV also comes with an HD display to satisfy your viewing. Everything you see will always be clear and precise with no blurs.

The HD display runs a 720-pixel clarity that looks even better than the regular 720-pixel display.


It comes equipped with one optical out port for you to connect your tv to your music system easily without the fuss of joining too many wires.

It can also connect your USB flash drive and read music format and video formats of your choice including browsing photos and pictures that you may have. 

Not just watching thro' your TV using USB, you also get to enjoy recording your favorite shows and saving them on your flash drive. This is easily achieved by just pressing the  record button on the remote 

With the VGA port get to connect your desktop pc to your TV easily without needing any form of setting as the TV will pick up the display automatically. access your PC using your Tv and reduce display electronics around your home to save on space.

Not just that it also comes with HDMI ports for you to connect more devices to your TV. With HDMI the transfer of media will not lose its clarity and that also includes the audio of your videos. The transfer rate is automatic and ensures video and audio are in sync and none of them lags behind.


The digital TV is set with AV RF features digital DVB‎T2 that gives you free to air channels of your choice. No need to pay a monthly subscription to watch your Tv all you need to do is connect your antennae and search for available free-to-air channels and enjoy.


With the improved LED-backlit, it has an LCD which is a liquid-crystal display that uses LED backlighting instead of traditional cold cathode fluorescent.

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